Lauro Inoue

Mechanical Engineer, post-graduated in industrial automation. ASME MEMBER. 30 Years of experience in the segments of industrial projects, being 24 years in engineering projects, covering sizing of mechanical components, vessels, tanks, piping, metal structures, equipment, and management of multidisciplinary teams of design and management of assemblies. Participation of developments of process improvement in the sectors of mining, energy and pulp. Participated in course of improvement in production of cellulose pulp. Has three records of Industrial property (patents).

José Geraldo Araújo

Civil Engineer, post-graduated as a Master in metal structures by UFOP School of Mines – Ouro Preto – MG, Doctorate in Materials Engineering. Extensive experience as a consultant developing calculation of various structures such as buildings with reinforced concrete and metal structures of bridges, metal roof, tents, towers of vigil, buildings, castle d’water and gym Multisports using the standard AISC specification and NBR-8800/86.

Fabrício de Souza Fernandes

Electrical Engineer, master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UFMG. More than 10 years of experience in electrical engineering, covering the dimensioning of substations, electrical components, drivers, panels, shields. Specialist in Lightning Protection Systems – SPDA and energy efficiency. Develops studies of demand, short-circuit protection, and selectivity. Acts training of SPDA, NR-10 and electrical installations. Professor of Electrical Installations in the course of Electrical Engineering of Unileste MG.

Benito de Tássis

Mechanical Engineer, specialized in processes. Professor of disciplines Thermal Machines, Thermodynamics in engineering courses. With more than 30 years of experience, is responsible for the work of sizing and process studies in different industrial segments.

Alexandre Passos 

Mechanical Engineer, MBA in Project Management by the Getulio Vargas Foundation, post-graduated in Alternative Sources of Energy by FAEPE – Universidade Federal de Lavras (UFLA). Experience in the area of industrial with 34 years of experience in engineering, industry in large. Experience in analysis in maintenance engineering, in conjunction with projects. Experience in process engineering in the area of short-fiber pulp bleached. Has 11 years of experience working as a teacher in college. Experience with projects of machines and Transport Mechanisms and parts of machines.

Roselito de Albuquerque Teixeira 

Electrical Engineer, PhD in Electrical Engineering from UFMG. More than 20 years of experience in electrical engineering, working with projects industrial electrical, protection and selectivity in electrical systems, electrical installations of low and medium voltage, grounding systems, lightning protection systems -SPDA. Extensive experience with electrical assemblies and manufacture of panels. Coordinator of the course for Electrical Engineering of Unileste MG and professor of Control Theory.