The Company


Be a company with high technical credibility at national and international market.


Our mission is to develop engineering work understanding the client’s needs, respecting the deadlines and maintaining the best possible standard of security and quality, properly applying the best engineering resources available. We also aim to continuously improve the methodologies for a project´s deployment, promote the interaction between the involved parties, avoid environmental impacts, achieve solutions with functionality, optimize deployment and maintenance costs; thus winning credibility among contractors.


  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Commitment to results;
  • Respect in all levels of relationship;
  • Organization;
  • Competence;
  • Quality of life;
  • Innovation;
  • Social and environmental engagement;
  • Cost-efficient business deals;
  • Ethical conduct based on the values ​​of society.


ICONE’s quality policy is to transform the knowledge of our highly qualified group in technical solutions in engineering design, through management that ensures the quality and consistency of the documents generated, by upgrading development tools, complying with engineering standards, analyzing and implementing continuous improvement in processes, developing methods and especially monitoring the performance indicators, taking actions to ensure that the customer receives the project in accordance with their expectation.


The preservation of the environment is not only a matter of complying the Brazilian legislation. It must be inserted into the company’s culture so that all the employees perceive the need to act in a way that contributes to the reduction of environmental impacts. This way it becomes a work philosophy. In each project, the developers plan the best manner to execute the engineering project, aiming to preserve the environment by using innovative and clean technologies.